Fraction is a Los Angles based clothing brand, by Zach Samuel and Emma Thalken.

Since 15 years of age Zach has worked in the fashion industry in a myriad of genres and rolls- starting in the skate world, then moving into women and mens luxury, high end streetwear, and finally women's RTW.  

The brands and stores that Zach has worked with throughout his career, helped forge his true passion, and understanding of the role he would want his brand to take within the fashion industry.

Emma's passion for marketing and design was influenced first and foremost by her great aunt, Margaret Thalken. Margaret was one of the first female executives at Conde Nast, working at Glamour and Vogue magazine, where she became merchandising editor and director of travel from the 1950's into the 1990's.  

The powerful female forces in Emma's life influenced her to move to New York at the age of 17, to attend Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, and Parsons School of Design. From there she worked as a stylist assistant, at renowned clothing brand Area NYC, and as a model.

The mission of Fraction is to design amazing products, from clothing to home goods, with a focus on rich colors and interesting textures, made in the utmost premium fabrics and materials. 

Aside from clothing, furniture has always been a means of inspiration for both Emma and Zach. The construction, the materials, the use, and the effect it has on peoples day to day lives. The wearable designs they come up with is derived from the inspiration of physical, tactile pieces. The cycle of creation, bound from finding inspiration in places you wouldn't expect, is what inspires them, day in and day out. 

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